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Tools for integrated training of language and ECVET defined vocational skills in mechanised forestry
PROJECT NUMBER – 2012-1-SE1-LEO05-11672

European forestry has gone through a rapid change during the recent decades. Manual work of unskilled staff with chainsaw has been replaced by modern computerised harvesters, forwarders and skidders. This development has increased the request for competent and well trained operators of forest machines as well as the demand of mobility of such work force.

The increasing mobility is a partly a result of frequent storms throughout Europe causing large areas of storm felled forest in a random distribution between countries. English is mostly used language in manuals, spare part catalogues and computers and it is necessary to have a basic level of English to operate a forest machine and work in another country. Service staff is a special case that sometimes without forestry experience must communicate with the drivers and understand the situation be able to order the spare parts in English and in another language. Expected results and outcomes:

1) Integrated language and professional teaching material for forest machine students needed in English

2) Agreed learning outcomes for the training of forest machine operators in UK, Germany and Sweden

3) multilingual glossary, forestry related

The partnership will include the following partners: University of Forestry (Bulgaria), Oiko Technics Institute (Greece), Stora Segerstad och Värnamo Naturbruksgymnasium (Sweden), National Forest Centre (Slovakia),Barony college (UK) and NFBZ (Germany). The partnership of the project has been selected with regard to the nature of activities of each organization focusing on vocational training. Each partner has already established contact network with vocational colleges, universities, professionals in Forest Industry and SMEs, managers and decision makers in its country as a result of many years of experience and participation in various national and international projects in the field of Education, Forestry and Wood Industry.

The project aims will be achieved through the development of useful training tools that would fill in the gaps in English language training within the system of vocational

education and training and provide language skills responding to the current needs of the Forest industry.

The project products and results will be applicable in vocational college schools, universities and any short-term or long-term vocational training of forestry company staff and as training materials for lifelong learning for individuals employed in the forestry or woodworking industry sector.

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