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  1. Forest workers´ Glossary on line. The first edition of the Forest workers´ Glossary is now published on the internetsite www.dictyon.net/fmog. It consists of nearly 3000 terms translated into 16 languages and it is joint product between the Elmia Wood Show and the Toolsforskills project. Forest workers´ Glossary will be available at the Elmia wood site and can already be downloaded as a free app to your Iphone from Appstore or to your Android from Google play

  2. Tools for skills goes to ELMIA wood. Sweden. Tools for Skills will be presented in the worlds no 1 forestry fair in the stand of Stora Segerstad no 551 In connection the show, the 2nd project meeting will be held in Reftele. Sweden

  3. Part one the two books Working in harvesting Teams will be published in the beginning of June in English. The two books by the author Per-Erik Persson will be the base for the Tools for skills´ further development of interactive language exercises and case studies

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